A deeply refreshing and energising experience awaits you in beautiful Bali. A tropical paradise retreat where attention is focused solely and indulgently on your own health and wellness. The perfect sanctuary for your personal transformation. Stop taking care of everything and allow everything to take care of you...



Burnt out, exhausted? Is it time for you to reset, unwind and recharge at Bali’s most luxurious health retreat? Recuperate from high levels of stress, fatigue and burnout by experiencing the ultimate mind, body and soul rejuvenation.



Learn how to clear your mind naturally restoring your vitality and vibrancy. Become free from compulsion, purify the senses, cleanse and revitalise body and mind. 

Gain a deeper awareness of your emotional and physical health.



Disconnect from the world, detach from all concerns and simply rediscover yourself. Learn how to obtain effortless clarity, deep relaxation and well being that lasts a lifetime. The escape you never leave behind, wherever you find yourself.

COMO Shambhala 14 day Transformation Retreat