Cristiano Ronaldo

Professional Football

I'm going to be the best. Now I need you to help me...

The knowledge and support Cristiano experienced from our Strength and Conditioning family helped him become the best physical specimen in the game.

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Aaron Cook

Olympic Taekwondo

Since implementing my own Taekwondo training programme with the team, in conjunction with these ideas, the combined training methodology has become a vital and integral part of my effort to become the best taekwondo player in the World.


Paul Scholes

Professional Football

Working with the team for many years, using various methods and techniques helped me get to the top of my game and stay there.


Premier League

Manager & Coach

Switching on more at home and off from the daily pressures and high workload was of massive benefit.

I got clarity on my personal vision and got freedom from the stress overwhelm I had previously.


English Football League


I wanted private and confidential mindset coaching away from the club. I had ambitions that the club didn't and it made sense to get a career team around me that would have my career as the priority.

I'm playing the best football of my career and it's no coincidence that I'm enjoying the game again. 

I even enjoy watching games at home which was always a chore previously. It's a bit of cliché but I've got the passion and love for the game back.






WBC Boxer


My career was coming to an end and the mindset team assisted me with my transition.

I was anxious and unsure about starting again but the support I got made me realise how we're full of resilience. I had a new focus, raised my profile and the new media career is building as I approach it like I did my early fighting career. 

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