Employees are a core driver of customer experience

Lit Employee Experience


  • Experience Management

  • Employee Engagement Software

  • New Hire Survey

  • Training Surveys

  • People Analytics

  • Performance Reviews

  • Exit Surveys

  • Employee Net Promoter Score

  • New Hire Surveys

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

  • Employee Pulse Surveys



Employee Experience - A core driver of reputation, productivity and customer satisfaction. Top talent is drawn to brands that light up engagement, fire career progression and raise the bar in supporting their employees. This holistic view of empowering the work force has evolved from merely focus on outcomes alone. Employees are naturally evaluating every interaction from the hiring process, to promotion and overall engagement.


What they feel about the company culture, diversity and more will create the foundation of their development and the companies growth. An efficient and effective employee experience program creates greater connection, happier, more communicative teams driving the bottom line outcomes from reduced attrition, increased productivity to elevated customer satisfaction and innovative solutions harboured within the organisation.