Breakthrough Intensive

These are usually one-to-one intensives, designed for those that want a huge shift or change in their current circumstances. We focus together on your ultimate leverage point.

People that are a good fit for this program want to change their circumstances fast.

They predominantly come to us with a specific problem they’d love to solve, change they need to make or goal they would like to achieve.

Such is our experience with these programs that we are able to guarantee that you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Group Training

Hotel based group trainings are held throughout the year. Keep in touch for regular updates. Bespoke trainings also created.

Motivation Sessions

Our 90 minute motivation sessions get to the very heart of your core motivators.

What motivates you specifically is not important, what is critical, is that they are aligned to your goals or whatever it is that you are trying to get done.

It’s a fact that not only do people not understand what motivates others, they do not know their own motivational drivers.

Contact us to establish high motivation and realise just what been holding you back.

Goal Setting Seminars
Drifting in life? Reacting to what is happening to you and around you?.

Making progress to whatever it is that you want to achieve?

These seminars delivered in person, in a group format or individually.

You’re all come away having a crystal clear vision of your specific goals and crucially a plan of how you will achieve them.

Contact us if you are ready to take action.


A variety of events are held throughout the year. Keep in touch with us, be social…!

Our coaching packages run over three, six or 12 months. Tailored specifically to enable you to get whatever is that you want to get done in life.

Our clients usually face challenges in one of three key areas; a problem you love to solve – a change you would like to make – a goal you would like to achieve.

It is in one of these areas that you can achieve the highest positive impact in your life right now.

If you feel ready to take action, this speaks to you, or you’d simply like to see new things showing up in your life.

Contact us to take a better path.

Group Programs

We work with groups in a variety of areas, the one thing they have in common is their purpose or mission.

Typically small in number 6-8 people maximum. This allows for a focus and an excellent opportunity for peer learning, support and discussion.

We run these programs regularly, usually for a 12 week duration.

Contact us for a schedule.

Bespoke Programs

We partner with you to create a specific, tailored programme that is truly transformational.

These programs aren’t for everyone.

They are for individuals, teams or organisations that has what looks like an entrenched or indeed impossible problem. We regularly work with people who have tried what looks like every other way to get a solution and failed. They are often stuck or excepting of the current situation.

The big difference is, they no longer wish for circumstances to carry on as they are.

Our unique approach means that we guarantee you get whatever is your looking for.